CPU: Intel 3.2GHz Prescott/Extreme Edition Review :: Introduction

02-03-2004 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

So we once again see Intel releasing a new IA32 CPU for their P4 platform that from what I have seen or heard of so far suggests that although the Prescott currently does not offer a clock speed increase it does offer the user new code instructions that will help the Prescott actually perform and manage information better. The race for CPU speed domination is something of a strange area these days as AMD and Intel have both gone their separate ways as far as how to measure or rate a CPU. Intel still relies and the old and proven logic of core clock speed equates to how fast a CPU is rated, while AMD has dropped that aspect and started to rate a CPU by how fast it can compete performance wise against Intel's core clock speed equation.

CPU: Intel 3.2GHz Prescott/Extreme Edition Review

The AMD Athlon 3400+ was one fast CPU when it came to performance test scores, but it still locked at the 2.2GHz CPU core speed, so although it may compete with Intel in the performance arena, Intel now reaching the 3.4GHz level is way ahead as far as core speed is concerned. Having larger L2 cache is something both AMD and Intel have both adopted into their CPU designs. The Extreme Edition is basically a supped up P4 Northwood and was really released as the competition for the FX-51 Athlon-64, but with its high price tag like the FX-51 it is only geared toward the gamer/high-end enthusiasts market or those with overflowing wallets and a no limit budget. Is the Prescott fast? Stable? Or is the new Prescott just another face in the crowd? Read on and then decide for yourselves as we take a look at what is offered with the 3.2GHz Prescott and the 3.2GHz EE processors from Intel.

CPU: Intel 3.2GHz Prescott/Extreme Edition Review