Systems: Monarch Hornet SFF Mini System Review :: Introduction

11-13-2003 · Category: Hardware - Systems

By Doc Overclock

It's a strange thing to see a PC sales company come out with its own brand of systems; I mean usually people like Best Buy, they just sell other products right?. Not in this case, Monarch computer actually went all out and made their own chassis that is called the Hornet and it is a very cool little unit that has enough of its own flair to get it to stand out in the growing crowd of the SFF market. Monarch is AMD certified and is one of the largest distributors of anything with the AMD label attached and they also deal in the Intel sector as well to appease the masses.

Online business has become the dominant face of the PC industry with many savings and manufacture offerings not available in the retail market place being available only online. Monarch offers many different products including older items at discounted prices to the web shopper and although I personally have not purchased anything from them, their longevity in the business shows they must be doing something right as this is an unkind and unforgiving industry. The Hornet has received many awards from various sites around the net and has gotten good scores in some print media to boot. Follow along as we take a look at what this system has to offer and see if performance is sacrificed in a trade off for size.