Video Card: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Review :: Introduction

08-30-2002 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

ATI has been recently hitting the books and revamping their entire VGA line-up lately. A fact that has rival chipmaker Nvidia playing a game of catch-up with these Canadian contenders.

Everyone has read about the big hoopla party held in San Francisco a few weeks back thrown by ATI of which I attended with my fellow tech hounds. We were all very impressed with all the screen shows and demos being shown at the event. ATI threw one hell of a shindig for the press that ended with a party that included beautiful women performing various circus type acts wearing glowing neon makeup. Thanks Patti!

With the recent release of their 9000 Pro and the subsequent 9700 Pro release, ATI has finally taken the lead in both the budget and high-end gamers graphic market. This is a nice position to be in and one that will be coveted by Nvidia sourly. Anyone who knows me knows that I feel a blow to Nvidia is a blow to the bad guys, as I have not forgotten about their unkind takeover of 3DFX.

The 9700 PRO is ATI's latest Visual Processing Unit (VPU) arsenal, aimed at the ultra high-end market. This high performing, feature rich, multimedia accelerator is the ultimate gaming VGA solution and will pave the way for future technical advancements. The enhancements and features of this card will be most notably found when playing games that take advantage of the latest Direct-X characteristics and attributes.

The 9700 PRO possesses an 8-pixel Pipeline Architecture and a 256-bit DDR memory interface that was designed for outstanding performance. This 8-pixel Pipeline Architecture is capable of processing 8 pixels simultaneously - twice as many compared to any existing product currently available.

Based on an optimized design that provides optimal 3D performance for both Direct-3D/OpenGL games and applications, the RADEON 9700 PRO incorporates an advanced, flexible display architecture permitting the use of a broad range of displays including CRT (Analog), Digital Flat Panel, and Television displays. Will this card be the Nvidia killer? Lets take a closer look at this card and see what the results have to say for themselves.