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MoboCop · 11-12-2004 · Category: Tech-planations



A subset of the the microATX design. FlexATX offers the opportunity for system developers to create many new personal computer designs. FlexATX allows enhanced flexibility where conforming motherboards may be enclosed; that is, all-in-one computing devices, LCD-personal computers, or standard desktop systems.

This form factor is designed to allow very custom case and board designs to be manufactured.  For example; The NBA could commission computers that looked like basketballs.  There is not too much limit on the shape of the board and case.  We should see some very interesting system designs emerging from this form factor.

  • Supports current socketed processor technologies
  • Smaller motherboard size
  • ATX 2.03 I/O panel
  • Same mounting holes as microATX
  • Socket only processors to keep the size small



  1. Motherboard Form Factors
  2. AT
  3. Baby AT
  4. ATX
  5. Mini-ATX
  6. microATX
  7. FlexATX
  8. LPX
  9. Mini LPX
  10. NLX
  11. BTX
  12. picoBTX
  13. microBTX
  14. PC/XT
  15. Mini-ITX

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