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The Mini-ITX mainboard form factor is a highly integrated native x86 mainboard measuring only 170mm x 170mm and enables the development of an infinite variety of small form factor PC systems. More than 33% smaller than the FlexATX mainboard form factor, the Mini-ITX is aimed at the development of Thin-Clients, wireless network devices, digital media systems, set-top boxes and more.

The Mini-ITX mainboard successfully integrates various combinations of readily-available chipset and processor components from VIA that come with rich feature sets that include ultra low power native x86 processors, onboard LAN and various integrated AGP graphics and audio options. Further enhancing its versatility, the Mini-ITX mainboard can include CompactFlash and CardBus slots, TV-Out connector, SPDIF 5.1 audio, USB 2.0, 1394 (Firewire), integrated MPEG2/MPEG4 decoding, support for up to DDR400, Serial ATA and much more.

A key advantage of the Mini-ITX mainboard is that it is based on the low power VIA processor platform that comprises of either a VIA C3™ processor or a fanless VIA Eden™ ESP processor, together with a choice of highly integrated VIA chipsets and VIA companion chips.

VIA processor platforms are unique in that the workload is shared across the whole platform rather than being focused on the CPU, i.e. platform centric as apposed to CPU centric. Due to their low power consumption, these platforms generate less heat and therefore require less active cooling, allowing the use of quieter, lower profile coolers that are better suited to the ergonomic, small form factor systems that have more application flexibility than the more traditional tower PC.


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