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MoboCop · 11-12-2004 · Category: Tech-planations



He who is first shall be last. The PC/XT form factor was the first "official" form factor. It originated with the first desktop PC the IBM PC. The clone marketed erupted thanks to IBM's wise decision to go with an open architecture, and the PC/XT form factor became the defacto standard. At least until the AT form factor was introduced.


  1. Motherboard Form Factors
  2. AT
  3. Baby AT
  4. ATX
  5. Mini-ATX
  6. microATX
  7. FlexATX
  8. LPX
  9. Mini LPX
  10. NLX
  11. BTX
  12. picoBTX
  13. microBTX
  14. PC/XT
  15. Mini-ITX

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