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MoboCop · 11-12-2004 · Category: Tech-planations

Motherboard Form Factors

The form factor determines the general layout, size, and feature placement on a motherboard. Different form factors usually require different style cases. Differences between form factors can include; physical size and shape, mounting hole location, feature placement, power supply connectors, and others.

While there are 12 or so official form factors listed in this article only a couple have dominated the PC industry while the others either occupy a niche market such as proprietary systems or faded into form factor oblivion.

The following list shows the dominant form factors and the time frame when they ruled the world. You will notice there is an obvious overlap(1995-1997) when the Baby AT and ATX form factors were fighting for market domination.

  • 19??-1993: AT
  • 1993-1997: Baby AT
  • 1995-2004: ATX
  • 2004-????: ATX or BTX or other?


  1. Motherboard Form Factors
  2. AT
  3. Baby AT
  4. ATX
  5. Mini-ATX
  6. microATX
  7. FlexATX
  8. LPX
  9. Mini LPX
  10. NLX
  11. BTX
  12. picoBTX
  13. microBTX
  14. PC/XT
  15. Mini-ITX

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