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Ben Sun · 11-15-2009 · Category: Tech-planations



  • Overclock CPU, memory and Bus speed for optimal performance
  • Integrated auto-tuning makes system optimization easy while maintaining system stability (available only on DX58SO, DP55KG and DP55SB)

System Monitoring

  • Monitor and adjust voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds

Test Stability and benchmark performance

  • Integrated launch points for Passmark BurnInTest and Passmark Performance Test (Compatible with DX38BT, DX48BT2, DP45SG and DP58SSO)
  • ATX 12.0X9.6 inches

The Desktop Control Center from Intel works only on Extreme Edition motherboards. The recent release is for the P55 chipset that have been recently released including the DP55KG and DP55SB Extreme motherboards. There are two special features with this new version: Auto-Tuning and working with Windows 7. The current version of the IDCC is the only version available to work with Windows 7. The version for the X58SO motherboard has not yet been updated for the new OS. Auto Tuning works like AMDís AOD utility by overclocking the system automatically.

Letís take a look at the IDCC utility. The left side of the application has a skull symbol. Under the Skull is the current load in this case 17% and the current clock speed of 3.2GHz. To the right of the skull is the Intel Desktop Control Center. Under those words are the buttons for EIST, CPU Throttling, CPU Voltage, Uncore Voltage, and Power Supply Voltage. Below the PSU is the multiplier in this case Turbo mode and Host clock frequency in this case 133.33MHz. Under the HCF is a + sign and the letters to load overclocking profiles you have to set up.

To the right is the temperature gauges for the Ambient, the CPU and the PCH. The Ambient temperature is the temperature of the system as a whole. The temperature for the CPU read 70C as the accompanying screenshot shows. This is within the TDP of the CPU though it seems to be very hot. The Platform Controller Hub temperature read a more normal 40C. There are settings for the memory bus, PCI Express bus, PCI bus and memory total settings to the right of the temperature gauges. Intelís new version of their IDCC serves two purposes: support for Windows 7 and Auto-Tuning, and is a good addition to anyone owning an Intel P55 Extreme motherboard.


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