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Ben Sun · 11-15-2009 · Category: Tech-planations


To sum it up, we have revamped our test suite a bit to update the tests to the latest versions available for each test and added CineBench to the test suite. Updating the test system took a lot of time benchmarking but it is more relevant to use the latest software available to test the motherboards in the first place. While some may argue Sysmark is useless, it can give an overall system performance metric and the latest version supports Windows 7. There are few Professional rendering benchmarks and thatís where SpecViewPerf comes in. Overall I am pleased with the update.


  1. Introduction
  2. Test Setup and Software
  3. Performance - Sisoft Sandra 2009 with SP4 Processor Arithmetic
  4. Performance - X264 HD benchmark
  5. Performance - Sysmark 2007 Patch 1.06
  6. Performance - PCMark Vantage
  7. Performance - 3DMark Vantage
  8. Performance - wPrime
  9. Performance - SpecViewPerf
  10. Performance - Specview 10-Turbo disabled
  11. Performance - CineBench 10
  12. Conclusion