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Vlad Mihaiescu 01/29/2008 · 01-29-2008 · Category: Tech-planations

The Races

SEGA’s Universe at War – Earth Assault features three races: the Novus, the Hierarchy and the Masari.

The Hierarchy are the bad guys. They go from planet to planet and try to conquer and enslave its population and now they finally got to Earth. Their strength lies in the giant walkers and the overwhelming strength that they possess.

The Novus are a machine-like race that arrives in the nick-of-time to help destroy the Hierarchy. Their strength lies in speed. Even the Novus with their speed and technology has a hard time bringing down the Hierarchy’s walkers, but don’t wary … all it takes is the zerg.

The Masari are a very old race that hid from the Hierarchy thousands of years in the past. Their domicile is the bottom of Earth’s oceans. They’re old, they’re the most technologically advanced and now they’re very angry at everyone and they decided that its time to cleanse the Earth once and for all.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Story
  3. The Races
  4. Graphics and Sound
  5. Gameplay and Controls
  6. Multiplayer
  7. System Requirements
  8. Conclusion

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