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Randy Zlobec · 11-01-2007 · Category: Tech-planations

Social Networking and Social News sites

Web 2.0 and social networking is another whole article in itself, but it is the second fastest way to get traffic rolling into your site. To get the ball rolling and to give you some ideas on where to start, letís look at the basics of social news networking. We want to separate this from social bookmarking which is for personal use. Social news networking is for when you want to advertising you business, home business or professional site. Itís about providing news to the world about who and what you are, the benefits you offer and why they should stop by.

Some of the better news sites where you can post your short articles include: Netscape, Newsvine, StumbleUpon, Digg and OnlyWire to name a few. These sites are news-hungry just waiting for information about your website. Whatever your site is about will be quickly and effectively disseminated by posting on these websites.

Considered the second generation in online marketing, social networking is all about building communities of like minded individuals who are looking for certain things. You website is taken into a group and depending on your service or product, people arrive at your website because of the tags and text you provide to the online community. There are as many social news and networking sites as there are interests, but the main ones to start with are listed but by no means complete.

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