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Randy Zlobec · 11-01-2007 · Category: Tech-planations

Pay Per Click Advertising

Using pay-per-click advertising is another way to get almost instant traffic to your website. Utilizing PPC giants like Google and Yahoo, you can pay for visitors to your website. You list small, contextually based advertising which is published across their network of websites and interested people click on your advertising and arrive at your site. This is one of the quickest ways to get traffic to arrive, but it can be costly to get started. Pay-Per-Click lets you advertise to the whole of the online community.

There are also text link advertising, classified advertising and pay-per-post advertising where you can get other bloggers to blog for money about your product or service on your website. It is a variation of PPC in that bloggers will write and review your site or service for a small fee and list you for a set period of time on their website. It adds content to their site and gives you more than just a link back to your site.


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