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Randy Zlobec · 11-01-2007 · Category: Tech-planations

Articles as Bait

On your website, you will want to have longer, informative articles on a specific subject related to your websiteís topic. Called linkbait, these articles are designed to inform and educate your readership on relative topics. This is not what articles for article directories are all about. They are curiosity builders. You write 300-400 words on a topic to demonstrate your knowledge on that topic. You include a resource or authorís box back to your website where you can present a long, in-depth version of your material.

One important thing to remember when writing articles for directories. Each must be different and unique from each other and each one must be different than the one on your website. If you duplicate them for the various article directories and they all have inbound links to the same content on your main website, you will kill your page rank and credibility. If you can remember that article directories get you quickly indexed and offer a curiosity booster that acts as a portal to your main website, then youíll write accordingly.

Most article directories require at least 400 words on a topic which is not that easy to produce, but you want to save your main features for your own website and not the article directory.

Through these directories, youíll receive a ton of backlinks as other websites use your content on their website. However, none of it will match whatís on your own website, so it wonít be considered duplicate content just inbound links.


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