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Randy Zlobec · 11-01-2007 · Category: Tech-planations

Let’s Talk Keywords

If you remember nothing else remember to put your keyword or keyword phrase in the <title>PUT YOUR KEYWORD HERE</title>. Many folks overlook this and just like that the spider glides on by – uninformed. If you are adding things like social bookmarking and blogging to your site and you forget this, you might as well be holding up a sign in a sandstorm.

Keywords in the URL do help. Remember if you are just redirecting a keyword URL to your website to use a 301 Redirect which is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method for webpage redirection. Anybody who tells you differently is not up on the latest trends. The search engines do take note of your keyword as part of your URL. For 8.95 or less, you can get that small edge on your keyword. Most people are using PHP or ASP these days on either an Apache or Windows server. Here’s the 301 redirect codes that will get your pages moving if you aren’t using someone like to register your domains and utilizing their convenient 301 redirect features.


PHP Redirect


Header( “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” );

Header( “Location:” );



ASP Redirect

<%@ Language=VBScript %>


Response.Status=”301 Moved Permanently”;




Okay, that’s enough code for redirecting.

Keywords in your anchor text from another side. Called an inbound link, this is like getting a vote from another site. Be sure and have your keyword or keyword phrase as part of that vote.

Keywords in your <H2> tags. Yes, it is your headline. It’s important. It’s rated by search engines and if your keyword is part of it, it’s rated higher. But be sure that it’s also part of your body text or you will probably upset the spiders. Never upset the spiders or you’ll be on page 11 million for your keyword.

Keywords in the <alt> tags. Alt tags are what your page displays when the pictures can’t be found or someone browses your page with pictures turned off. Spiders also read the <alt> tags so if you have your keyword in there then viola, more credit for your page.


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