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Chris Gump · 10-23-2007 · Category: Tech-planations

Graphics and Sound

Enemy Territory Quake Wars is without a doubt a good solid game to play, but to the graphics keep up with the gameplay? The short answer is simple: yes.

Read on now for the long answer. Quake Wars may deliver some very nice graphics, but don't expect these to be the best you've ever seen. However, do expect them to be just a notch below some of the best you've seen.

The graphics are an improvement over Quake 4, without a doubt. Each level has its own distinct look. The locations in this game will take you all over not only Earth, but will also take you through the slip gate to the Strogg home world.

The slip gate itself is actually pretty cool looking, and the quick jump through the gate is a sight to see, such a quick transition. The only thing the graphics are really lacking is some DirectX 10 driven explosions and shadows. Minus those, the game looks great.

The sound is every bit as good as the graphics. What does make me sad though is the lack of 7.1 sound support. More and more gamers are getting 7.1 systems, and there is only 2 channel and 5.1 support in this game.

Now, that's not to say the sound is bad, this is not meant to come across that way. The sounds are spectacular, and the music isn't so bad, either. The sounds of battle are very well done, and can greatly aid your gameplay. The impact noise when you hit the enemy is nice as well.

Though I'm still the type of gamer to turn off the music and put on my own mp3s during multiplayer games, helps to draw me in. That is, unless the music really is something special, which it isn't in Quake Wars. Then again, multiplayer games rarely do have a truly amazing soundtrack, as music isn't the main focus of this type of game.


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