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Chris Gump · 10-23-2007 · Category: Tech-planations

Gameplay and Controls

Enemy Territory Quake Wars enters into a genre of many team-based first person shooters. Other games of this genre include such games as the original Enemy Territory, the Battlefield games, and Team Fortress 2. This game is in good company.

You can play either online or offline using bots, though to get the real meat of this game you'll need a good internet connection. The bulk of the players who get this game will be buying it for the online modes, and honestly if you just play single player you'll be missing out on most of the game.

When you join into a game you get to pick from two teams. The human GDF or the invading aliens called the Strogg. Whereas both sides use the same basic controls, WASD with mouse look, the two sides handle somewhat differently due to weapons. Let's take a minute and look at the classes each side has.


  • Soldier - Guns and Rockets and a ton of health - used to kill and blow things up mainly
  • Engineer - Repairs and capturing objectives. Also calls in Anti personnel and vehicle turrets.
  • Medic- keeps the team alive, or at least tries to
  • Field Ops- Deploys and calls in artillery support on targets
  • Covert Ops - the sniper who can hack objectives. Can also disguise as the enemy rather effectively to get the drop on other players

The Strogg side has the same classes, but with different names and weaponry. They also repair each other rather than heal, seeing as Strogg are mostly machine anyway.


  • Aggressor - Strogg Soldier
  • Constructor - Strogg Engineer
  • Technician - Strogg Medic
  • Oppressor - Strogg Field Ops
  • Infiltrator - Strogg Covert Ops

The main type of gameplay at work here is objective based. By pressing the M key you will be able to cycle through the different objectives available to your class. The quickest way to get XP and advance through the ranks is by completing objectives.

Once you select an objective, an indicator will appear on your map showing you where you need to go. There will also be a star on the unit select menu on the type of unit best suited to complete the current objective.

Objectives are also the best way to gain XP on ranked servers, seeing as a kill is only worth 1 XP, but an objective can be worth 10 or even more. Each class will have different options for objectives to complete.

The game mechanics themselves are very nice. They kept a degree of realism in mind without making it too realistic. Little things they added are nice, for instance when you go prone, you can only position yourself in such a way where you can actually be lying down. This means no going prone on a ledge with your torso and legs hanging off, which I look upon as a nice addition.

Like any modern team based FPS game, there are vehicles to help you complete objective and thoroughly stomp your enemy into the ground. Quake Wars offers land, sea, and air vehicles. Many of these vehicles feature the ability to hold multiple passengers. Passengers will be able to use secondary weaponry on certain vehicles.

Taking a page from the Battlefield series, there are in game 'voice' commands. By hitting the V key, you can bring up a list of options in the form of a radial menu in the middle of the screen. Move your mouse to a direction and hit fire, or hit the corresponding number on your keyboard, and your character will say something to your team.


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  3. Gameplay and Controls
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