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Doc Overclock · 08-13-2007 · Category: Tech-planations


As a reviewer and Editor I rely heavily on the test software used in our daily benchmarking and stability tests. That said it takes a bit of time and effort to learn the in and outs of the testing software and what compatibility issues it may have and how to workaround them. SYSmark from BAPCo has been a staple software program in our test bench almost since we started testing motherboards back in 1999. The SYSmark battery of tests has always been the test software that gave errors however as well. As platforms and system parts changed new patches had to be introduced to enable SYSmark to fully complete its series of tests, wasting hours of man time in the process. Yet being thee' test software of its day we trudged on and eventually got it to run properly, that is until SYSmark 2007 preview.

The BAPCo Company is a consortium of companies who pay money to BAPCo to research and develop test programs to evaluate the performance of different systems, platforms and CPUs. These companies who make up the consortium are valiantly trying to create a test environment that is an equal playing ground for everyone involved. AMD and Intel both have a very vested interest in this as do Dell and others, as reviewers who evaluate their processors need a test that favors no ones particular platform or CPU over the other in order to be unbiased. This software is provided free to most serious players in the review game, but for others who do not have that privilege it come with a hefty $499.00 US dollars price tag that is a real dent in anyone's wallet. This article is about why you should avoid this product and BAPCo until radical change is made in their company. In all fairness I have called emailed and done everything but pound on the front door of their company to get support from them, even threatening this article if some action on their behalf was not taken.


  1. Introduction
  2. No After Purchase Support
  3. SYSmark 2007 System Errors
  4. Conclusion

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