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About GIGABYTE United, Inc.

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd., established in 1986, is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2006. GIGABYTE has earned a global reputation for its outstanding achievements in the motherboard industry by upholding the concepts of innovation, quality and reliability. Over the years, GIGABYTE has won multiple national awards including the Golden Brain Prize, the Taiwan National Quality Award and most notably the Taiwan Excellence Award, which has granted GIGABYTE awards for 100% of its participating products over the past 9 years, setting an unmatched record in the motherboard industry.

From product concept and design, to mass production, all the way to integration, GIGABYTE is dedicated to providing complete digital life solutions to its customers with an ever-expanding product family of motherboards, graphics cards, PC peripherals, Desktop/Notebook PCs, wireless networking devices, servers and mobile phones. The spirit of "Upgrade Your Life" at GIGABYTE is clearly reflected through its commitment to researching the newest technologies and innovative design as well as ensuring the highest product quality and reliability. Now and in the future, GIGABYTE will continue to follow its vision of becoming the most valuable brand of digital life solutions in the world. For more information about GIGABYTE, please visit


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