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D'Arcy Lemay · 12-30-2004 · Category: Tech-planations


So, what all is this going to accomplish? There is the potential for PCI Express to replace not only the PCI and AGP busses, but could realistically also take the place of the proprietary bus between the north and south bridge, the CSA bus used by Intel for gigabit Ethernet and theoretically the ATA bus as well. The last one there might be unlikely, but there is that much flexibility built into the design. Much like Firewire and USB, the bus also possesses the ability to scale in clock speed as the technology develops, not just by increasing the number of lanes per link. This is a boon to keeping the protocol fresh, should new unforeseen application find a way to soak up all the bandwidth available now, similar to what happened years ago to PCI.


  1. Introduction
  2. History of PCI
  3. Explaining PCI Express
  4. Conclusion

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