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Doc Overclock · 03-13-2001 · Category: Interviews

New Products

Shuttle has many new products being released. Go here for a complete list of all their products and you can see they have release dates coming out every month or so. I am currently using a shuttle 52X CD reader on my test bench for my software installation, and it works very fast and reads all the discs I put into it without problem. I am hoping to get some of their other peripherals to test and write about.

The latest releases are based on the new VIA chipsets. Both the KT133A and the KT266 are being implemented in their new motherboards. We did a review on the MV17E about a month ago, and it was a good motherboard for the market it was aiming for and should do well in that arena. I am really surprised at the rate these guys are pumping out products.


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