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Doc Overclock · 03-13-2001 · Category: Interviews

Company Background

Research and Development

The Research and Development engineers at Shuttle are highly experienced and creative people. For the past 15 years, these professionals have always been in pursuit of innovation while maintaining their product's price-per-performance ratio as well as quality. Fully equipped with high-end CAD tools combined with intensive research, they have the resources to bring the best of up-to-date technology to the consumer. The engineering professionals at Shuttle have provided superior products that have been proven time and time again in the market for over a decade!


Shuttle has had a pretty long history, and has been a major player in the game since its career started back in 1983. Always popular in Germany and Asia, their market has expanded almost worldwide in the last few years. I really could not come up with a detailed history for you, but I have included a link to what they have listed on their Web site. I spent most of my time talking with their sales team about their goals and strategies and on how to become an even more familiar household name in the American marketplace.

Company goals

Shuttle has its eye on the desktop computer market at the moment, but they have also set their goals on the OEM market and are in the midst of finalizing the deals for this product line with various companies. They are expanding their market into many different areas such as CDs and DVD players, and most recently they have made some CD and CD-RW media that looks promising. Look for their products at most of the major computer retailers and at your local computer shows. You will have no problems finding their products.

Shuttle wants your money, and they intend to get it by providing outstanding products at a better price than the other guy has to offer. This attitude and the release of many new quality products lines should help insure that they meet their goals. These guys are very glad to have a market presence here in the good old US of A, where they have done fairly well but would like to do better. If you have any feedback or would like to purchase Shuttle products, please contact Alan Lee and he will be more than willing to help you out.



Shuttle currently has five locations worldwide.


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