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Doc Overclock · 12-18-2000 · Category: Interviews

New Products

Transcend Launches The DDR Motherboard for Pentium III/Celeron/Cyrix CPUs-TS-APR3 with the VIA Apollo Pro266 Chipset

Transcend Launches The DDR Motherboard for AMD CPUs-TS-ALR4 with the Ali Magik Chipset

DDR MemoryThe DDR memory modules from Transcend are the DDR200/266 series, with capacities of 128MB and 256MB; and a form factor that is 184-pin. The bandwidth of DDR200 is double that of the PC100, with a maximum speed up to 1.6GB per second. The bandwidth of DDR266 is also double that of the PC133, and can attain a speed of 2.1GB per second.

Transcend Announces New Generation "Ez BIOS" - Making BIOS Updating Much Easier and Ensuring the Safety of Your System with online BIOS flashing

Anti-Virus BIOS Protection - Transcend's motherboards come with a new hardware monitoring function that can prevent any unauthorized BIOS updating caused by viruses. Only ezBIOS, the BIOS updating program developed by Transcend, can update a Transcend motherboard.

BIOS Updating Confidence - Beyond preventing viruses, ezBIOS allows BIOS updating with confidence. In the past, any failure or incorrect operation during BIOS updating could crash the whole system. Normally the user wouldn't have the capability to retrieve and reestablish the system, they could only return the computer to the supplier for costly, time-consuming repairs. With the enhanced security of ezBIOS, Transcend's motherboards can completely avoid these problems. No matter what happens during BIOS updating, the user's system can still boot from the floppy drive, allowing the updating command to be executed again.

One-Click, On-Line BIOS Updating - Using Transcend's innovative on-line updating technology, just one click can detect the BIOS version of the user's system, download the latest version, and execute all the updating commands automatically from the Internet. Restarting the computer completes the BIOS updating. This feature should be very handy for users who need to update BIOS repeatedly, especially for MIS staff.

Linear Overclocking - ezBIOS also provides a linear overclocking function. Users can fine-tune the Front Side Bus (FSB) by increasing or reducing it by as little as 1.0 MHz to find the optimum FSB setting for the system. Should the FSB be set too high, the system can be returned to the default setting by pressing the "INS" key.

ezBIOS will be implemented first on Transcend's latest motherboards such as TS-ASL3, TS-APM3, TS-AKT4, etc. in mid-October 2000. Shortly thereafter, all Transcend motherboards will support ezBIOS, even the motherboards that were released prior to the ezBIOS launching.


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