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Doc Overclock · 12-18-2000 · Category: Interviews

Company Background


Transcend Information, Inc., was founded by Peter Shu in Taipei in 1988, and was started with only two employees.

Company goals

Peter Shu had a vision of a company that was based on teamwork and partnership, a vision he based on what he calls his Win-Win philosophy: "When I founded Transcend, I looked for committed, talented people to work with me, and I'm thrilled that because of their amazing efforts our growth has been so phenomenal. As we achieve success as a global business, everyone who's involved with us wins too. Transcend is a company that rewards its employees with generous salaries and incentives programs, and with exciting in-house opportunities to develop their own careers."

"The customers and suppliers also win. We help customers to become successful by providing them with quality, competitively-priced products that are backed up by our dedicated service. At the same time, we work with our suppliers to build long-term partnerships based on respect, professionalism and honesty. Why? Because we know that when our customers and suppliers are successful, then that's great for our business, too, because then we can grow and succeed together. And that is what the Win-Win philosophy is all about."


Transcend currently has six locations worldwide.


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