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Doc Overclock · 12-11-2000 · Category: Interviews

New Products

This next year will see Epox bringing to the market their new line of DDR motherboards, and they will start releasing these boards in the upcoming month. Plans for the 850 Chipset from Intel supporting the Pentium 4 are also in the works, and should be released by the first quarter of 2001. Epox is also getting into the communications and storage sectors. Their solutions use state-of-the-art SCSI RAID and fiber channel technology. They have a new line of PDAs aptly named MyPADA, and features wireless email and paging capabilities all in a small hand held unit. They also have a modem line and have a camera product line coming very soon. This looks to be a good year for these folks, and I wish them the best. Here is a link to their products page, both old and new.


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