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Doc Overclock · 12-11-2000 · Category: Interviews

Company Background


Epox was first started by Steve Chow in Taiwan in 1995, and moved into the American marketplace in 1996 in Brea, California. Steve was previously a lead technical designer for a few major companies before forming the company Epox. With a background in the high-tech engineering field he is the perfect person to run a company such as this.

Goals and target market

Gaining in leaps and bounds in the consumer marketplace is where Epox is headed. They would also like to move into the higher-end server market with dual-socket motherboards supporting the Xeon series CPUs and onboard SCSI. They currently use all their own motherboards in their in-house servers, and were very proud of that fact. They also want to get into the wireless communication market, and have new products taking their company in that direction.


Epox currently has five branches worldwide. The home office is in Taiwan, but they also have branches in Germany, China, Europe, and America. The American branch's main goals are marketing and high end R&D, and the Chinese branch focuses on prefabrication and low end R&D. The Taiwan branch is where all the high end fabrication is done. The other branches are distribution points and regional sales offices. They continue to grow yearly, so look for a branch near you soon.


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