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Evan Oliver · 10-03-2007 · Category: Interviews

Don't miss it!

One thing is certain, if you are into gaming there is something for you at LANfest2K7.The previous LANfest events have gone off without a hitch. I don't remember ever hearing a negative word about any of them. I attended the very first LANfest in 2004 and even then Newegg was on top of their game. It will be interesting to see how they have improved since then. Gamers from all over the country will be attending. If you are a so-cal gamer you have no excuse to miss this event. If you haven't already signed up, make sure you visit their official website to register for the BYOC. For the latest news and official rules and details check out the link below. The event will be broadcast live via GotFragTV, so make sure to download the "Octoshape" plugin and you can watch the matches and live events from your PC.


  1. LANfest2K7 Promises to be a Smash Hit
  2. Tournament Details
  3. Prizes prizes and more prizes
  4. Don't miss it!

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