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Diamond Products

Here is a complete list of Diamonds current product line, as you can see the Viper and Stealth lineup are still in place and there are a few more very interesting things to be released within the next few months.

Graphics Cards
 Viper HD 2900 Diamond XT 1GB OC
 Viper HD 2900 Diamond XT 1GB
 Viper HD 2900 Diamond XT 512MB OC
 Viper HD 2900 Diamond XT 512MB
 Viper HD 2900 Diamond LT 512MB
 Viper HD 2600 XT 256MB DDR4
 Viper HD 2600 XT 512MB DDR3
 Viper HD 2600 XT 256MB DDR3
 Viper X1950 Pro 512MB DDR3
 Viper X1950 Pro 256MB DDR3
 Viper HD 2600 Pro 512MB DDR2
 Viper HD 2600 Pro 256MB DDR2
 Stealth HD 2400 XT 512MB DDR3
 Stealth HD 2400 XT 256MB DDR3
 Stealth HD 2400 XT 256MB DDR2
 Stealth X 1650 512MB DDR2
 Stealth X 1650 256MB DDR2
 Stealth HD 2400 Pro 512MB DDR2
 Stealth HD 2400 Pro 256MB DDR2
 X 1550 256MB DDR2
 X 1550PRO 256MB DDR2
 X 1550PRO 512MB DDR2
 X 1050 256MB DDR2

Sound Cards
 XtremeSound 7.1 with Dolby Digital Live
 XtremeSound 7.1
 XtremeSound 5.1

TV Tuners
 XtremeTV HDTV100
 XtremeTV PVR660
 XtremeTV PVR560
 XtremeTV PVR-600RC
 XtremeTV PVR-550RC
 XtremeTV PVR-550
 Diamond FireFly PC Remote


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