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Doc Overclock · 07-25-2007 · Category: Interviews


Remember that company called Diamond MultiMedia? You know the company famous for the Viper, the Voodoo3D, the TNT and the Monster line of video cards. Well this company has gone through some changes and now is back in the saddle again bringing new products to light. Diamond MultiMedia is name that everybody I ask has heard of, but has no idea what they make and what they are doing now. Diamond has changed hands at least three times that I know of, and with each rebirth it gains a bit more of a consumer following and better name recognition. Diamond also developed the 1st commercially successful MP3 player and went to court with RIAA in the early 90s. Diamond won, but the legal fees took Diamond to bankruptcy, but paved the way for the MP3 player revolution. Diamond was also the sole owners and providers of FireGL line of workstation cards, but ATI bought that brand and its rights after that RIAA lawsuit. So you can see there has been some great history behind the brand and the legend continues on with new faces and new goals.

Now that the company is being run by modem king Bruce Zaman of Best Data Products, the company is going through a new growth period and has many changes and updates in store for the end user and system integrators both. New logo's and a new breed of employees from around the PC world aim to make Diamond a company name you can never forget. Located in sunny southern California the new Diamond has a fairly large product line that included not only VGA cards, but now Dolby Labs certified 7.1 Surround Sound audio cards and an entire lineup of TV tuner cards to boot. Currently their flagship product is the all new Viper HD 2900 XT featuring a whopping 1GB of DDR4 memory and complete HDMI support. At the moment all the cards look identical to a reference ATI card, but that will change as Diamond finds their feet and gets their new logo implemented into their product line. I have just recently started to try their products and so far so good as both the 2900 and 2600 series of cards seem to work flawlessly in our test systems. It is good to see a name you know and have trusted in the past make a revival, I wish these folks the best and hope you find their products up to the Diamond standard we are use to seeing.


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