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Company Headquarters Brea California

When I arrived at the location I was greeted by their warm receptionists who offered me water and a seat in their board room to wait for Wade Shelley the Aussie lad in charge of many marketing tasks to give me the old company tour and introduce me to some of the folks on the team. They have a nice place out here and I could have bored you with more pictures of their executive offices, but we are geeks not interior designers so alas no shots of accounting. I came on a day that found the company in constant motion as they prepared themselves for the major launch event for the 8800GTX series of cards so things were a bit active to say the least. Wade gave me the tour of the place and I was amazed to see so many people working at such a fast pace to meet the market demand for EVGA video cards. We got a shot of Wade at the far end of their support room as he gave me the tour and introduced me to the staff here at the EVGA corporate headquarters and everyone was very helpful in explaining what they did to make the life of the end-user a better place in their world.

Here are the shots of many of the things actively going on in a normal day's events here at EVGA. These folks have a warehouse full of products ready to ship to their suppliers and a major team available 24 hours a day seven days a week in tech support to help customers up and running. They have their own digital photo lab and even an actual American artist MR. Steve, which says a lot in an industry that outsources as much as possible from its Asian counterparts. All their design work and logo development is done in house right there in little ole Brea by their in-house artist, who BTW was a really nice guy to boot. They have large areas devoted to just testing their cards on every motherboard and memory combination they can feasibly come up with. We caught up with Joe Darwin paying his dues in the lab working alongside the technical staff, testing cards for final shipping approval and keeping tabs on the vast arrays of machines used for in-house compatibility testing. If you are a geek this is a place you would love to tool around in, as they have more stuff to tinker with than most anyplace I have seen, and since Joe is the head technical man I am sure he spends hours of his time in this little slice of geek heaven.

The offices were in very nice order and everything was clean and organized, they even had a room filled with various sized plasma panels for viewing assorted media. From what I saw this is a very smooth running operation that involves a lot of coordination by its various teams to make the end result happen. Everyone I talked to was busy doing their best to make sure that when the 8800GTX launched, and the people in the packing room were working double time to meet the consumer demand. I was impressed with the attitudes of the people there, as although you could tell the pressure was on them to do the hustle they still seemed to working together well without any negative feelings about it. EVGA has a nice setup over here and I appreciate everyone's friendliness there. I had originally planned on doing a Q&A session with the man on top, but there were so many different things to discuss I just took notes and went with the flow of the conversation. I spent a few hours over here and many different topics were covered and discussed in that time. By the time I was leaving the building Wade Shelley was back at his desk hard at work on whatever marketing and sales things needed done before tomorrows big 8800GTX launch. Thanks to everyone working in the home office today for making me feel so at home here at EVGA, thanks folks.

Wade Shelley


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