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Elric (Doc Overclock) Phares · 03-25-2007 · Category: Interviews


A company is made of many things never really seen or appreciated by the general public and EVGA is a one company that matches that profile. We have worked for many years with this company and have found them to make exceptional products backed by the chipset giant NVIDIA the world leader in VGA technology. Starting off NVIDIA was a major supporter and partner of AMD, but a sudden shift in the wind brought about a change that showed NVIDIA grow beyond that relationship and stretch their wings into the Intel camp. This is something which only granted them further market share and corporate power. EVGA makes products solely based off the NVIDIA chipsets in one form or another including motherboards a market other VGA houses such as XFX are just now delving into. One of the reasons for the business model of EVGA is the man at their helm, MR Andrew Han.

Andrew has a plan of action that exceeds and excels that of many practitioners of the dark art of sales and strategy and he wants you, his customers to benefit the most from these plans. I took a drive out to their factory back when the 8800GTX was released and had a chance to talk to these folks about their company, their goals, and their strategy. These folks have most assuredly thought about the things that drive a PC enthusiast to buy new products and keep coming back for more. Located in sunny Brea California, EVGA is about an hour's drive for me from our Temple City location through the lovely L.A traffic, but the trip out was not too hectic. Their offices are quite large and include every facet from A-Z to sell, package, ship and support their product line and their employees are also on the hustle from one task to the next in effort to keep up with the growing demand for their products. In an effort to let you the populace know that they want your business and want to only get better I had a chat with Andrew and the reasons EVGA aggressively advances where others fail. This article is the accumulation of a factory tour, and that conversation. I think you will find it interesting in any event.


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  3. Why EVGA? Andrew Han Has the Plan

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