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Niso Levitas · 03-07-2002 · Category: Interviews

Pentium 4 Mobile

We will start to see Pentium 4 inside notebooks. Frequency will start from 1.5 GHz and it will reach 2 GHz by the end of the year. P4P-M Mobile CPU will be in micro-FCPGA package, manufactured by 0.13-micron technology and there will be no heat spreader on the CPU. It will support an enhanced version of Intel SpeedStep technology. The chipset will be based on 845 and it will support up to 1 GB of DDR266 memory. We don't know what kind of cooling solutions will be used but on the showcase we saw a Hitachi water-cooling solutions. I'm sure Doc Overclock will love this, but it is just for silent and efficient cooling system not overclocking. It is taking the heat from the surface of the CPU and carrying it to the radiator plate, which is located on the back of the LCD.

Tablet-notebook hybrid device was the second interesting thing for the mobile segment on the show. Acer's Travelmate notebook model could be used as both tablet PC and a notebook. You can rotate the LCD, close the lid and you have a tablet PC in your hands. Good for press members. We can take notes by writing when listening, and type our articles after than.

Compaq iPaq's GSM integrated solution was on the showcase. GSM is for the European market, but US market has also begun to accept the idea. Very small and light, 400 MHz Xscale CPU based, 256 MB memory integrated Windows CE cellular phone is a reality now. If Palm will not integrate a good, colored, and browser based idea into their devices, they may start digging their graves.

The future CPU for the notebook market was at the show too. BANIAS was there with an engineering sample. It is a little early to talk about that. We knew it would be a graphics integrated CPU. We heard that the chipset would be integrated but the engineering sample was a lot different.


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