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Niso Levitas · 03-07-2002 · Category: Interviews

The Future of Memory

Everybody is happy now. Intel finally adopted DDR after their contract ended with Rambus. Some hardware sites made their peace with RAMBUS after price drops and latency improvements. Intel is trying to be very careful and emphasizes that RAMBUS is the best performer for Pentium 4 but DDR is good for the mainstream. Now they can move on to new memory standards. We saw RAMBUS 1066 modules and an ASUS P4T1066 Mainboard. This system will be a home for the new Pentium 4 533 MHz Bus CPU's. Representatives told us that some of the old RAMBUS motherboards would support RDRAM 1066 just by BIOS upgrades. RDRAM 1200 will follow this by the end of 2002.

You can find some DDR333 memory modules on the market. How about DDR400/533/667? They named that project DDRII. The first DDRII Modules will consume 2.5V as DDR memory but it will move to 1.8 Volt and control method will move 2 bit Prefetch to 4 bit prefetch. Development of DDRIII (DDR800/1200) will start in 2004 and will be ready in 2006 for the market.


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