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Niso Levitas · 03-06-2002 · Category: Interviews


This is the new chipset for Server platform. 860 for workstations are already there. Serverworks dominated dual Server chipset space for a long time. Special SDRAM memory usage and robust chipset for servers made Serverworks and Tyan very attractive last year. AMD was started to push this market by affordable CPU's and chipsets. But even for small sized servers, everybody prefers reliability. E7500 chipset with up to 16 GB DDR200 Memory 64 bit 133 MHz PCI-X channels looks pretty good for small sized servers. The Pentium 4 and Intel Xeon processor bus are still 100 MHZ (400 MHz quad pumped) that's why DDR200 is sufficient but it will change soon to 133 MHz (533 MHz Quad pumped). DDR266 will come next.

They want to add Gigabit Ethernet and a RAID controller into this solution. Their gigabit Ethernet chip is ready and they want to add Xscale based Intel IOP321 RAID chip. The RAID solutions for E7500 motherboards on the showcase were Adaptec, instead of IOP321. We asked representatives of motherboard companies and they told us IOP321 is new, and Adaptec is on the market for a long time. The slide I've seen in a presentation file was showing a Serial ATA II RAID 5 solution. I'll talk about Serial ATA II plans later in the article.

There were two motherboards on the showcase with E7500 chipset. MSI E7500 Master-LS, which supports up to 12 GB of DDR200 Memory, Gigabit LAN controller and Adaptec SCSI controller onboard. The other one was TYAN Thunder i7500.


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