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Niso Levitas · 03-06-2002 · Category: Interviews

BBUL (Bumpless Build-Up Layer) PACKAGING

CPU Packaging will change again. They'll put the silicon not on the surface of the package but inside the package. The thickness of the package will reduce 2 mm to 1 mm. It will help for higher performance and lower power consumption and allows incorporation of multiple silicon components in single package. This sounds like multi-core CPU's will emerge. Hyper threading makes single CPU act as two CPU's. If we put multiple CPU's on a package and hyper-thread them we may begin to imagine quad CPU powered desktops. Oh I love techno-dreaming.

But if we return down to earth, this embedded die packaging will emerge in 2nd half of this decade as they told us. So don't expect this before 2005. Packages getting smaller and smaller but heatsinks and fans are getting bigger and bigger. I don't know what will they do with that.


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