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Doc Overclock · 12-12-2000 · Category: Guides


I have received many emails and questions in the forum on how to flash the illustrious BIOS. Many people seem in awe of this simple task. "What is a BIOS flash? And what is a BIOS," some of you might ask. And for some, this may be a no-brainer, but for the new it can be a little daunting. The BIOS is a firmware driven device which controls the functions of your motherboard, and is usually updated as new fixes and new support are added to the features of the board. BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. Updating this firmware is a task called flashing the BIOS and is not as hard as it may seem.

There are two major players in the BIOS game: AWARD Software and Phoenix Technologies. Most motherboards have one or the other BIOS installed. AMI was a common BIOS manufacturer a few years back, but is not a commonly used BIOS in today's high-end motherboards. Only Intel seems to be using the AMI BIOS on their motherboards. A few simple steps and precautions can make this procedure a very simple task, even for the computer leery. I will walk you through the steps, and show you how to flash your BIOS without giving yourself a headache. Follow along as we go through it step by step. Enjoy as you continue to read on and learn.

Tools you will need: One formatted floppy disk, a pen or pencil, and paper.

The decision to upgrade your BIOS is yours. By following the procedures outlined in this article you agree that Motherboard HomeWorld is in no way liable or responsible for any resulting loss of system functionality. If your system is working without problems or conflicts, then it is not recommended that you flash your BIOS.


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