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Doc Overclock · 11-06-2000 · Category: Guides

Final Steps

Next, install the additional add in cards such as your video, your audio, and network or modem. Make sure that they are flush with the back of the case so the screws can secure the cards. Also connect the wiring to your motherboard. The power button, the reset button, the speaker, and the LED emitters are all connected at this stage. Consult your user's guide for the wiring schematic. It is pretty easy to figure out. This is the final step, and if done correctly, your computer should be ready to go. If you are building for the first time, your next step will be the installation of the software. If you are replacing your motherboard, reinstall your operating system. The reason for this is that all your new motherboard hardware can be found by Windows and resolve conflicts in the system, such as conflicting IRQs and unrecognized hardware. This will make your system run more stable.

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  1. Preparation
  2. CPU and RAM
  3. Case Prep
  4. Install and Connect the Board
  5. Additional Hardware
  6. Final Steps