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Doc Overclock · 11-06-2000 · Category: Guides

Additional Hardware

Next, install and secure your additional hardware, such as the CD, the hard drive, the floppy, and whatever additional devices you have. Then, connect them to the board with the cables. Remember to set your CD to master and its slave, if you have one, to a slave setting. This is done by jumpers on the back of your device. Usually the far right is the master setting and the center is the slave setting. Your hard drive will come from the factory set as a master drive. The red line on the cables always connects facing the red wire on the power coupling. As you see in the photo, red faces red. Remember to hook up your audio cable to your onboard sound device or soundcard.


  1. Preparation
  2. CPU and RAM
  3. Case Prep
  4. Install and Connect the Board
  5. Additional Hardware
  6. Final Steps