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Doc Overclock · 11-06-2000 · Category: Guides

Install and Connect the Board

The next step is placing the motherboard in the case and securing it with the screws and washers that came with your case. Make sure to ground yourself out before this step. Like with the mounting riser pins, they screw in to the right. Lining your board up in the case will make your job a little easier. Place the board in the case and then screw it in. Make sure and use washers with the screws that you use.

Next, connect the power connector to the motherboard from the case power supply. There is a little clip that matches up to the motherboard's power receptacle. Plug it in and let's move on.

Next, connect the system cables. Two IDE and one floppy. The blue connector on the motherboard is the primary IDE channel, and is where the hard drive cable goes. The blue end always goes to the motherboard. There is also a plastic tab on the cable to guide you in which direction the cable installs. Your CD player and any slave devices go on your secondary IDE channel. The floppy cable connects the floppy drive to the motherboard. Make sure your connections are secure and plugged in all the way, otherwise your devices may not be detected by the motherboard.


  1. Preparation
  2. CPU and RAM
  3. Case Prep
  4. Install and Connect the Board
  5. Additional Hardware
  6. Final Steps