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Doc Overclock · 11-06-2000 · Category: Guides


The first thing you need is a clean, level place to work. You will also need a Phillips head screw driver, some needle nose pliers, all of your device cables (IDE UDMA 66 /33 and Floppy), and about six screws and washers. You will also need your user's manual and about twenty minutes of your time. Static electricity can be a big problem, so always ground your self out by touching the metal of the case before handling any of the equipment. Be prepared: read your user's manual, and familiarize yourself with the motherboard and its layout. An ounce of preparation can equal a pound of performance.


  1. Preparation
  2. CPU and RAM
  3. Case Prep
  4. Install and Connect the Board
  5. Additional Hardware
  6. Final Steps