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Doc Overclock · 11-01-2000 · Category: Guides

All tests were conducted with the following system configuration:
  • Motherboard: EPOX BX7+100
  • Chipset: Intel BX AGP Set
  • Memory: 128MB PC133 SDRAM (Corsair)
  • Video: 3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
  • CD: Toshiba 6050B 50x IDE drive
  • Sound: Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer Latest Drivers
  • Hard Drive: Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 45.GB DMA100
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 SE
  • All CPUs used were retail (Boxed Chip)CPUs.
  • Celeron 500
  • PIII/500E/600E/700
  • PIII/600EB/800EB/933EB


Overclocking on this motherboard is a breeze. The setup is all done through the Award BIOS, and is a very stable solution for the overclocker. There are no jumpers to be set, many different combinations to be had, and it is very easily done in the CPU and speed setting section of the Award BIOS; an old friend with some new tricks. Socket 370 CPUs are on the way down in price, so finding an affordable chip shouldn't present any problems. The 600E is still Intel's best overclocking CPU; you are almost guaranteed a 800EB every time, and that's a good increase on payment versus power. The retail chips from Intel come with the most unfriendly to use heat sink and fan combination I have ever seen, so do yourself a favor and buy a nice aftermarket cooling solution. It will perform better and give you far greater cooling than the one that comes with your CPU. Using thermal paste is messy. I don't like to use it unless I know I will be using that CPU for awhile in the system, otherwise its just too much cleanup for someone who is using multiple CPUs. This motherboard is fun to play with and really easy to use. Playing around in the BIOS and settings is very user friendly; you should have no problems even if you are a beginner in the overclocking field. Read your manual and know your motherboard; that is how you can achieve the maximum performance from it. Familiarize yourself with what the settings mean and what they do. It is interesting and beneficial to know as much as you can about the BIOS. It is the heart of your motherboard, and you want to keep it beating strong.


Being based on the BX chipset from Intel, this motherboard is very stable and easy to work with. And being the BX, some features are sacrificed, such as true AGP 4X support and ATA100 support for your hard discs. But if you can live without those features, this is an awesome solution. The motherboard seemed to love being overclocked, and worked very well with a variety of CPUs. The performance was above average, and the motherboard was very responsive to the settings. To find the best chips for overclocking, I go on the Web and find the best success stories, average out what the most common successful CPU overclock speed is, and then try to clock the chips as similarly as possible. This method seems to work very well, and at many different settings this board was very flexible and cooperative. As always, results may vary in either direction, positive or negative, because no two CPUs are identical. But these should be pretty reliable settings for you to experiment with. On the PIII 933 I used the new cooling fan from Golden Orb for the 1MHz and higher chips. It is kind of neat. It sucks the air away from the CPU for a cooler running chip, and it looks awesome too. This is not the fastest solution in town, but it is stable, and that is very important to the overclocker. You will be pleased with the way this motherboard performs. It is an overclocking demon. So have a good time and enjoy tinkering with a new toy.

Thermaltake GoldenOrb




This a great motherboard for the overclocker. It ran very smooth and stable using a variety of CPUs and settings. Epox is not known for being the speed king of motherboards, and nothing has changed here in that department, but like always it is stable as solid granite. The features on this motherboard, like the RAID controller, are very cool and make system down time very short. And configuring the RAID is not a nightmare procedure, just read your manual. This board is a very good try from Epox. It may be the best Overclocking motherboard of its kind. If you are thinking of a board for Overclocking your Socket 370 chip and can live with the ATA66 and 2X AGP support, you have found a friend in this board. This motherboard should be available on the open market by the time this posts on the site, so have fun with this motherboard. I did.

"Doc Out"