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Doc Overclock · 06-07-2000 · Category: Guides

All tests were conducted with the following system configuration:
  • Motherboard: Abit VT6X4.
  • VIA 4 in 1 Driver 4.20.
  • VIA AGP Driver 4.02.
  • Memory: 128MB PC133 SDRAM (Corsair).
  • Video: Asus V6800 DDR Driver Asus 3.75.
  • CD: Toshiba 6050B IDE drive.
  • Sound: Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer Latest Drivers.
  • Hard Drive: Western Digital 205BA.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 SE.
  • All CPUs used were retail (Boxed Chip)CPUs.
  • Celeron 300A
  • PIII/500/500E/600E/700
  • PIII/600EB


Setup on this board was easy as apple pie, no jumpers to mess with and no problems to speak of (kind of scary). So far this is the most trouble free board that I have worked with yet. Setting up the CPU is done by SoftMenuTM, which is almost dummy proof, making this board another in a series of great motherboards for the overclocker.

Windows setup went smoothly and the VIA 4 in 1 drivers and their new GART drivers worked without a flaw. Installing the VIA drivers right after windows installation (before any other drivers) seems to make things go a lot easier, and I would always suggest doing so. No one likes a hassle, and installing the drivers in this order makes integrating the additional software and hardware drivers a lot more trouble free, which is always a great thing.

Sound pretty solid? Well its actually quite true. This is a real performer and has been stably overclocked with many CPUs. On this motherboard overclocking is all done through the SoftMenuTM in your BIOS and, like always with Abit, fine tuning is easy and user friendly. I think you're going to like it!

What is SoftMenu

ABIT, now famous for its patented SoftMenuTMtechnology has implemented this feature into the BIOS of the VT6X4 as well. Explains ABIT’s Boeing, “Where the real beauty of the ABIT VT6X4 comes out is in the BIOS” The System BIOS features ABIT’s SoftMenuTM II as well as Award’s Plug and Play setup and it support APM and DMI. SoftMenuTM II, ABIT’s patented technology, increases future compatibility and gives the power user a convenient way to adjust CPU settings in the BIOS, with external clock options of: 66MHz, 100MHz, 75MHz, 83MHz, 103MHz, 112MHz, 115MHz, 120MHz 124MHz, 133MHz, 140MHz, 150MHz, and multiplier factors of: 2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8 and a core voltage range between: 1.3 - 3.5V. Accordingly the VT6X4 has broke through the PC 100 limitation, elevating the PC front side bus speed to 133 MHz, and providing excellent system performance by integrating VIA’s Apollo Pro 133a chipset.


So far all The other reviews I've read talk about low benchmark scores for this motherboard. But in my real world tests this board rocks and its compatibility is awesome. An example: in 3DMARK 2000 it scored 3861 as a standard 600E and 4861 Overclocked to an 800EB, so I don't care about Winbench this and Winbench that, as I am an Overclocker and my Overclocked 600E beats the pants off some faster Winbench friendly un-overclockable motherboard. The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is good.

3D is where most systems lock up. Rendering in Photoshop was amazing, Eye Candy weave rendered in seconds and Brice4 always, known as a turtle in render mode, was faster than usual at 133MHz FSB.

All the games I played were killer. I played QuakeIII at 1024x768 maximum options with 90FPS and no frame pauses at all. Needless to say a 3:00AM bedtime lost in VR Death matching was awaiting me. I hope my editor appreciates all the hours I spend playing, I mean testing. I do. (Big Grin).

At 100/133/150MHz FSB the motherboard was very stable, and doesn't have so many BIOS settings that it makes you go crazy trying to figure it out. All in all, I give this motherboard a five out of five rating. I cant complain, and that in itself is a rarity these days with the Intel motherboard problem still looming around us.


Celeron 300A



Needless to say, this thing is a great board and there are many other CPUs that can be overclocked. I've only tested a few chips, and the potential is there for many other varieties. There might be a few other motherboards that are faster in Winbench, so if your not an overclocker you could look into a different board. But this is a very stable motherboard and can still hold its own no matter what the competition has to offer in the present state of events. So, all in all, a winner motherboard.

"Doc Out"