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Jeremy DeLong · 06-03-2009 · Category: Guides


The game reminds me a lot of Silent Hill and Resident Evil series in the overall "feel" of the game. I watch numerous horror films going way back and I very rarely am scared to the point that I actually jump. I was even scared to the point that I just did not feel right playing with the lights out. From the first unexpected event with a creature on the ship, I had a slight feeling of being paranoid. Where is the next interaction point? Where am I getting attacked from next? Cryostasis really makes you feel like you are in the game. I got goose bumps just walking thru abandoned rooms. Then once I got settled, BAM!! Out jumps a creature and it's on.

Turn your view left... No NO! Not that way... Quick!!!Turn to the right... BAH!! Hit by an attack which disorients you and also affects the characters ability to perform actions. My real gripes about the game are the first person view. You cannot change your view from this, which to some may be a turn off. I normally do not play first person games as I feel limited in the actual ability to sense things around me, but combining the Phys X with the overall story and audio of the game, made this a tolerable first person game. The game does seem to take a little getting used to as some gamers may find themselves constantly quitting based on early frustration. But once you get thru the hang-ups, Cryostasis actually does a great job with presenting a different twist on what for the most part are third person Horror games like Silent Hill. If you are into the Horror style game, like the first person view and a game where little decisions affect the overall game, then pick up Cryostasis.


  1. Introduction
  2. Storyline
  3. Characters
  4. Gameplay and Controls
  5. Graphics and Sound
  6. Conclusion

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