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Jeremy DeLong · 06-03-2009 · Category: Guides

Graphics and Sound

Cryostasis utilize the PhysX from Nvidia to improve the overall ambience of the game. At times it is actually difficult to determine if some objects are real. The PhysX actually helps with object physics in the game, making the snow and terrain smoother. It is real hard to say that you can make compacted snow look colder. But with PhysX on the snow does actually look more like the deep, tightly packed snow that you see on the Discovery Channel or HDNet.

The water affects are greatly improved with the PhysX on as well. The water will actually collect in warmed areas and pools will form around objects. These pools can even be disturbed by moving an object out of the pool or into it. Combined with the Thermodynamics the game allows for the same area to appear differently as with a formerly frozen towel being completely melted after the room has been warmed. Even when enemies are killed the liquid environment acts as it would in a natural seeing. The affects from PhysX can also be seen in the way objects seem to float in the water or sink in the water depending on their size or even what type of material they are.

The audio actually helps to make the game. It actually sounds like you are inside the ship with the sounds of warming water dripping down and hitting the floor. You can hear your foot steps as you walk across the metal grating. This sounds entirely different then wading thru some water as you are trying to help a sailor escape without drowning. As a room fills with water, quickly in some case, you actually get the sense that you are sitting in room drowning. The echoes from the wall and sounds become more distorted depending on the environment. The sound is also important in avoiding enemies or alerting you to an upcoming danger. The music volume is controllable and even at default settings you can easily here the game sounds of the music. The voice and character acting is actually pretty good for this game considering most companies have a tendency to not sync sound with the actual on screen graphics.


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