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Jeremy DeLong · 06-03-2009 · Category: Guides

Gameplay and Controls

Cryostasis plays much like any other first person game. You control the character by using the WASD keys and use the mouse to change where you are looking. This actually helps the game in some aspects, as you never really know where things are going to come from. When I played this gave the game a "helter skelter" type feel where you are constantly looking around in all areas to make sure you are not ambushed by something.....whatever it may be.

Cryostasis has very simplified controls which should make it easy to pick up and play. There are keys to switch which weapons you have equipped as well. There appears to be a relatively low amount of weapons in the game. You would think this would affect the game as a whole, but it actually makes for a more realistic style game. Some games just over do it with weapons and the different weapons to make up for story or game play issues.

The fighting controls and camera controls can be upsetting to say the least in this game. I advise taking the time in the beginning and adjusting the mouse sensitivity. My first couple hours had me complaining and moaning and to be honest if there was a controller for the game (can't use the Microsoft controller), it would have been tossed a couple times as I feebly died time after time. Once I found this control I was able to navigate much better and with more accuracy in the game.

The game really does a good job with a very unique feature I have yet to see in a video game. Thermodynamics play a huge role in the game. This affects your characters movement, ability to react and the overall since of actually being cold. Never had a cold chill from a game based on the environment, but this is something Cryostasis has done well. All the objects in the environment and characters all have their own certain temperature. In order to warm yourself up, you have find light sources or heat sources to raise your body temperature. Alexander needs the heat to survive in the game. Objects used in the environment include ovens, heaters, electric lamps and more. Heat is also how the creatures on the ship find the main character in the environment as well as how Alexander takes back over the ship. He can turn off air conditioners or even change the environment with his Mental Echo ability.


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