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Jeremy DeLong · 06-03-2009 · Category: Guides


In Cryostasis, the gamer finds himself freezing his freaking juevos rancheros off. The setting is an old nuclear warship called the North Wind. You are sent to investigate what actually occurred on the ship and in doing so are transported thru various time shuffles to advance both the game and story. As you make your way thru the game you will come across many of dead sailors that were on the ship as well as deformed versions of these sailors.

Your character is Alexander Nesterov, a Russian Meteorologist who has a unique ability called "The Mental Echo". This ability gives Alexander the ability to go from the current physical world to the past. This is used abundantly in Crystasis. While you do have the choice to save yourself for the most part, sometimes Alexander has no choice if he wants to advance in the game and find out exactly what has happened on the North Wind. Due to the coldness of the environment, Alexander will use his power only with certain bodies throughout the game. This leads to freaky flash backs to former sailors and helps determine what exactly did occur on this ill fated voyage. Some of the events allow you to skip or bypass them, which will ultimately allow for a different outcome of events towards the end of game. So when you are ready, pop in the game and get ready for some flashback time.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Storyline
  3. Characters
  4. Gameplay and Controls
  5. Graphics and Sound
  6. Conclusion

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