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Jeremy DeLong · 06-03-2009 · Category: Guides


It seems today the more games that come out, the more first- person shooters there are. While most may love the first person view, others may find it limiting to the overall gaming experience. I play lots of video games but rarely do I get into a video game that is presented in first person. The genre seems to have so many games in the category that many games get pushed to the side as the "main stream" or "most popular" games are thrust to the fore front of the genre. Most first person shooters have simple controls and are generally fairly easy to pick up and get right into.

Take the old classic Doom, which every older gamer or maybe even the young ones, know and have played for countless hours. The graphics weren't the best (compared to now) and the game was easily started and allowed even the inexperienced gamer to pick up and play right away. Of course, the first person shooter has common aspects in all games. Typically, the WASD keys are used for forward, back and lateral movements, while the mouse is used to change your view or look right and left. Some older first person games would not allow for a vertical axis change, which meant no looking up or down. At the time this was beneficial to the size of the game and the developer.

With the increase of technology in gaming, many strides have been made to improve the overall look and feel of the first person games. The ability to look in almost 360 degrees is now a must for first person shooters and I cannot think of any game in this genre today that does not incorporate this. Games also may add hot keys for weapon swapping or inventory management. The ability to pull up a map of your location is commonly used in larger games where the use of a map is helpful in navigation. Add in the multiple styles of storylines and the user has the ability to use all sorts of different weapons: shoot modern machine guns or wield a powerful sword and shield. Most games offer a good variety of choices for the weapons and equipment and some do not offer enough variety to make the game enjoyable.


  1. Introduction
  2. Storyline
  3. Characters
  4. Gameplay and Controls
  5. Graphics and Sound
  6. Conclusion

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