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Zach Shook · 04-06-2009 · Category: Guides

So, here's a good question: How many of you use the Firefox browser instead of IE, or its other competitors? How many of you like the add-ons? Well, even if you don't add-ons, or haven't tried one, consider the Samfind Bookmarks Bar.

With Firefox, you've got the option to just hit Ctrl+B and get your bookmark menu up for one click adds, or perhaps add a line or two that shows up when you hover over the link, once you've saved and edited a bookmark. Also, with the RSS Feed bar, you can have active links to several websites simply by dragging and dropping URLs. Beyond that, there are a plethora of add-ons for Firefox that try and do the same thing. Let's have a closer look at Samfind Bookmarks Bar.

The configuration goes from left to right, starting at the far left having a login for the toolbar, after are the major link-to pages, such as Digg, del.ic.ious, Facebook, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Twitter, and others, and after that are categories that generalize the needs of any internet inquiry. It starts with blogs and games, goes from banking, to shopping, music, and web apps, and ends at videos, with spare categories to add into the interface.

Each left click on the general overlook allows the user to open a subcategory to pages the people at Samfind's source development found relevant to users, as well as a search bar for more specific pulls on information. For example, games takes you to, Break Games,, Shockwave, and Addicting Games. And with maps, add the starting point, end with the end point, and you've got a map, via Yahoo or Google, or, if there's a better link to be had, add it to your arsenal as well.

Each right click, the categories are all fully customizable. For instance, sublinks are all customizable if you don't like the way your toolbar looks. You can strip it down, taking categories and links off you don't like, or add things to it with a friendly user interface, and you can even add a custom feel to it with their palette of tools and variants. Another aspect to it, is that you can add additional categories by adding information on the topic, the name of the site, and the URL. A bit orthodox and habit forming if you don't like the norm, but I'm sure it won't slow most people down. The other side to that is that you can also drag and drop your URLs into the topics and just edit in a site that way as well.

It's a beta project right now, and all of that is alright. It's vast, and capable of getting a lot bigger. Soon enough, or perhaps down the road, they'll update the software and active refresh the hotword links themselves, or allow users to vote in new categories, instead of a jumble of organized chaos and listless inductions, not that that's a bad thing. It's just, to which end were the people at Samfind trying to cater to? Not everyone is going to like all the categories off the bat. There could've been more websites included in the overall organization of the software, and not everything is definable. Also, people might want to tweak the UI themselves and put a spin on what they want to call their "topics". Just a thought.

Samfind is a pretty nice tool to have, actually. It's malleable, but crude. It is user intensive, meaning you've got to invest a good amount of time into the reform of your toolbar if you intend to use it and cycle data through it, if you don't like things the way they are. Ultimately, try it, but to me, it doesn't integrate into Firefox well enough for me to feel like it's in tandem with everything, and that's all there is to it. If it's user generated, leave it be. Thanks for reading.

Z. Shook aka Zorpnic

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