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Zach Shook · 02-11-2009 · Category: Guides

An up and coming software development company has some pretty "Large" ideas for the computer savy, or even the average PC user. Large Software of San Diego, founded in 2006, has taken a good look at what users really want from software, and having 15 years in the industry on their development team has given them an advantage over their competitors.

Anymore these days, the average PC user wants maximum performance, less clutter and less bogging down of their computer's resources, and the ability to use a fast, reliable system without waiting or experiencing difficulties on account of registry errors or other problems related to the normal, everyday use of computers in general. Every so once in a while, things need to be addressed to ensure that your computer is refreshed and renewed with a little T.L.C., and that's where PC Tune-Up comes along.

PC Tune-Up Advanced Options

PC Tune-Up Advanced Options 2

The install time is very minimal, allows for simple and fast install options, and starts up on my system lightning fast, post installation. When you install the program, after it installs, at the FIRST SCREEN, choose the button on the left that says "REGISTER" and enter your LICENSE number. Otherwise, you can also activate it later using the ACTIVATE button. It has limited function without activation. Now, onto the aesthetics and functions of PC Tune-Up.

At first glance, the visual style of PC Tune-Up catches the eye as basic, charming, and it looks very easy to use. Following the simple step by step template allows users to back up system and registry files, scan for registry errors and repair them, run a Windows registry/HKEY tune up, and with the advanced features, it allows additional tasks for system optimization and protection against nearly 2000 commonplace registry keys which infiltrate computers through all varieties of ActiveX controls. Here's how it works...

PC Tune-Up Advanced Options Defrag Before

PC Tune-Up Advanced Options Defrag After

Step 1: Backup of system and registry files: Click the 'Step 1' button. It shows you two things, which you have the option of changing: what directory the backup goes to, and what details you want to include with it. It's as easy as one click, and when it's done, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Running a registry scan: Again, you have options. You can either choose a Smart Scan or a Quick Scan, and also the amount of drives to search through. The difference between the two is that the Smart Scan is more thorough and checks more sources from drive to drive. Again, a one click solution. After the scan, move to Step 3.

Step 3: Repairing the registry: If any problems in your operating system's registry are found, PC Tune-Up allows you to choose whether or not to repair them. It's that simple. Now, to Step 4.

Step 4: Windows Registry/HKEY defrag: The short version of the story is it takes quite a library of code to build an OS. The Windows registry is a database which stores settings and options for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, and per-user settings. The registry also provides a window into the operation of the kernel, exposing runtime information such as performance counters and currently active hardware. It is also the most used part of any Windows operating system, and therefore, over time, it too will need a defrag. With PC Tune-Up, it takes the Windows Registry table and sorts all of it out and back into an orderly formation again, while at the same time removing dead, fragmented, or unrecoverable HKEY strings.

PC Tune-Up Quick Start

PC Tune-Up Scan Options

The additional features consist of tweaks that boost performance with one click, allow you to remove files that start with your computer, and as previously stated, a preventative measurement against ActiveX controls.

PC Tune-Up Scan Options

PC Tune-Up System and Registry Backup

The only problem I encountered was this: I run Vista Ultimate x64. While I was running this program in the background, running the registry error check, my computer appeared to be overtaken by white boxes and blank screens momentarily. It was an error on my behalf, as I wasn't running it as Administrator. I suggest if you're running Vista on any level to run this program as Administrator. It wasn't tested on XP, but it would be a fair assumption that PC Tune-Up will run smooth on most any Windows PC, anytime.

PC Tune-Up Defrag

PC Tune-Up Repair Registry

With all the one click solutions and options available to this program, I can see why it is user friendly. I have seen many of these come and go, but I think Large Software's software platform is easy to use, and is available at a fair market value, which could lead to a large consumer basis. Via Large Software's website, at the going rate of $29.95, this all in one Windows Registry backup/scan and repair/defrag and more software is yet another useful tool in the arsenal of any level of PC user.