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Ben Sun · 02-09-2009 · Category: Guides

Mirror's Edge Game play and Controls

First Person shooters have used the WASD control scheme to control the character for years. Mirror's Edge tries to take this to the next level. You use the mouse1 button to shoot, and kick open doors. The Space button is used to jump over obstacles. Control in Mirror's Edge is very precise. If your timing is off or if you miss time a jump, you lose a life. Unfortunately, the game has a lot of areas where a miss-timed jump may cause a lot of frustration due to the lack of precise control, the amount of time that you have to make a decision and the total non-linearity of the game.

Use of a gun is sparingly used in Mirror's Edge throughout the game. While there are areas where you will want to shoot an enemy, the majority of the game is spent running away from the police officers that are in pursuit of you throughout the game. Faith's job as a Runner and the myriad of guns throughout the game on the enemy forces you to run away while trying to find other avenues to escape to.

Disarm Opponent

Opponent Down

During the game there will come times where combat is unavoidable. Faith can try to disarm the opponent by approaching them from behind and wait for the gun to turn red, slide kick at the opponent, causing damage, front disarm the opponent and more. Note that this only works one on one with the enemies, if multiple enemies are on the screen you'll quickly get killed by the other opponents as there's no honorable combat in the game.

Runner Vision is the in game "Hint" interface. Runner Vision will light up red areas that are the recommended path. Examples of where Runner Vision might help are red markings on the wall indicating a wall climb, or an access duct that can be used to escape enemy soldiers in a building, or a jump across to another building that is not so obvious when playing the game.

One thing that could be said about this game is that it is frustrating to play. There's a lot of trial and error throughout the game as the controls are not always responsive to the buttons you push as timing is everything. It's hard to disarm a guard that is in your way when the cue to disarm him is only a second before he shoots you. Jumps have to be precisely aimed and timed or you'll fall to your death in an ill-timed jump. Some actions like jump and punch are obvious. Others require a precise timing that is lacking in the game and aim that requires a fine control that someone new to this game will spend hours learning.


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