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Ben Sun · 02-09-2009 · Category: Guides

Mirror's Edge Story

Mirror's Edge takes place in a city where the government controls every facet of the life of the people who inhabit it. The government keeps track of electronic communication to reduce crime. The main protagonist of the game is called a "Runner" whose job is to run messages between various people in the city.

The game's heroine is named Faith Connors. The story takes place of Faith as a Runner trying to go through the city to find out the rest of the story. She is a practitioner of prakour which is a method of moving as fast towards an objective as possible. Unlike in a lot of games of this genre she hardly uses a gun as she tries mostly to avoid pursuit by police and helicopters.

The story has Faith trying to rescue her sister from wrongful arrest and then trying to find the person that has information on who the actual murderer of The plot takes place throughout the city and is told in a series of cut scenes where Faith is either in the main scene or an action sequence that furthers the story is told. The cut scenes are all done in-engine and you can skip the cut scene if you hit the Space bar at any time.


  1. Introduction
  2. Mirror's Edge Story
  3. Mirror's Edge Game play and Controls
  4. Mirror's Edge Graphics and Sound
  5. Mirror's Edge PhysX Effects
  6. Mirror's Edge System Requirements
  7. Conclusion